hi i'm rina and i like peach iced tea and animal crossing

Anonymous: i'm 22 irl & disabled. its gotten bad enough that i need a cane & wheelchair. today i was making my mayor run & she randomly tripped- but i got the biggest smile bc i remember what that felt like, to run & wipe out. esp when i was a little kid. its the first time i've thought abt running lately & not felt like crying. i bought new leaf on a whim & i never thought a game could do that- let me remember without feeling broken. its beyond words. best $ i ever spent. wanted to share my happiness :o)
nintendo please do this


I have thought about this a lot and have come up with a totally viable and simple feature that should be added to the next game! A way of picking where villagers live, but letting them randomly show up would still and an option and it’s totally mayor-y and cute and yesssss

I WANT THIS IN THE NEXT GAME, OKAY. OKAY. After the jump I will explain my idea because I’m excited about it;;

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